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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I click the “Add to Slack” button?

You will be asked by Slack to authorize Talla to join your Slack team. Once authorized, Talla will appear on your team as a new bot user. Now you'll be able to kick-off demos of Talla's workflows from within Slack or from the Dashboard. You can visit the Dashboard to create and broadcast your own workflows. Ask Talla for "help" in Slack any time. Talla will only be able to post messages and view message activity in channels it is invited to.

What can Talla do for me?

Talla can transform Slack into a command center for your company. Talla combines the tools, processes, and intelligent automation you need to manage information workflows in Slack. Use Talla to enable business processes in chat, such as onboarding employees, training on new skills, polling, or building out custom experiences. You’ll be able deliver and gather important information for your team, keeping everyone knowledgeable, engaged, and productive.

What if I need more help?

Visit our Help Center to find details on how to use Talla. And you can always contact us, the team behind Talla, at support@talla.com.